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Kathy Butler

Kathy Butler

Girls on the Run 5K: The Ultimate Celebration of Girl Power

Hey there, champions of girl power! We're back to talk about one of the most awesome events in town – the Girls on the Run Piedmont Season-Ending 5K. If you thought this was just another race, think again. It's a celebration, a symbol of empowerment, and a massive high-five to girls who rock!  This year we are super excited to be celebrating at the Fredericksburg Nationals Baseball Stadium on November 12, cross the finish line and see yourself on the BIG SCREEN!

**High-Fiving Confidence and Grit**

You know what's cooler than completing a 5K? Completing a 5K after gaining a boatload of confidence and some serious girl grit. Girls on the Run Piedmont is all about teaching young girls essential life skills – like setting goals and crushing them. The 5K is where they show off these newfound superpowers.

 **Feeling Like a Superstar**

Imagine being a kid and having a cheering crowd of folks you know (and some you don't!) rooting for you. That's what happens at the 5K. The whole community rallies together, showing these girls that they're superstars. And that's a pretty big deal, boosting self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment.

**It's a Party With a Purpose**

Sure, it's a big party, but it's also a fundraiser with heart. The money raised keeps the Girls on the Run program going strong. Every step you take in the 5K helps secure a brighter future for these young dream-chasers. How cool is that?

 **Community Love in Action**

Families, friends, volunteers, and the awesome Girls on the Run Piedmont team make this day memorable. It's like a big group hug for everyone. The support is off the charts. Plus, it shows the girls that they're part of something much bigger – a community that's got their backs.

 **Endless Inspiration**

The Season-Ending 5K isn't just an ending; it's a beginning. These girls are set on a path of achievement, and the 5K is a stepping stone to their next big adventure. It's a reminder that dreams can become reality.

So, join us for the most epic high-five session ever – the Girls on the Run Piedmont Season-Ending 5K. It's a party, a celebration, a fundraiser, and a whole lot of girl power packed into one fantastic day. Don't miss out on the action – because girls who dare to dream, run, and celebrate are unstoppable! 💪🎉


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